What Makes Happy Wheels Better than other Games?

The internet is full of websites that let you play games online, so you might be wondering what makes happy wheels so much better than all of the other games that you could play instead. Here are some of the reasons why this game is a lot better than 99% of other online games that are out at the moment:

Never Gets Boring

Nearly all online flash games are fun for the first couple of minutes and then after that you’re already bored of them. However, this isn’t the case with happy wheels which is good news if you want to pass an hour or two of your time. One of the reasons why it doesn’t get boring too fast is because users can make their own levels so the game always has new levels that you can play!


Happy wheels is the type of game that you can’t really take seriously, even if you’re trying your hardest to get past the level that you’re currently playing. Whether you’re playing the demo or the full version of happy wheels, there’s no doubt that you’ll have fun. You don’t necessarily have to complete the level to have fun playing the game, since you can just mess around in the level jumping huge jumps on a segway and so on, hoping that your head won’t fall off in the process! Sounds like fun, right?

Mix of Violence and Humour

Violence in games is either something that you love or hate, but most people don’t mind violence as long as there’s a point to it. In happy wheels, the cartoony violence really makes the game, especially since it’s quite funny when you make a simple mistake and notice that your character is missing a couple of limbs! Even though the game can be quite funny at times, that’s not to say that the game isn’t full of blood sometimes, but the blood isn’t exactly realistic so it’s not too gory. Very few other games can get away with having so much violence in it, yet remain entertaining and funny.

Level Editor

There are plenty of games that have a level editor mode on consoles such as the PS3 (Little Big Planet for example) but there aren’t many flash games that let you create and share the levels that you’ve made. However, you don’t have to always play happy wheels, you can actually help make happy wheels even better than it is today! You might be surprised about how easy it is to create good levels, but if you want your level to be featured then you’ll have to put a lot of time and effort into it since there is a lot of competition.