We’ve been asked a lot of questions about happy wheels in the past, so we’ve decided to put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about the game. If there are any other questions that we haven’t covered then feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll try to add it to this page.

Is happy wheels difficult?

We’re not going to lie about this one, there are times when you feel like you’ll never get past the level that you’re currently on, but that’s what makes the game so fun. If you haven’t played the game a lot, you should try out the happy wheels demo that we have on our site and after around 10 or 20 minutes you should start getting better and better at the game.

What are the controls like in happy wheels?

The controls are pretty straightforward really. You’ll mainly use the arrow keys to lean forwards/backwards and so on, so it’s nothing too difficult. After a couple of minutes you should know all the buttons that you need to know anyway. When you’re playing happy wheels on our site you should see the controls underneath the game, so if you ever forget the controls just look at that.

Are there mobile versions of the game?

Unfortunately at the moment the game is just online at sites such as ours, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it on an iPhone or Android phone in the near future. Fingers crossed!

Who made happy wheels?

A man named Jim Bonacci made happy wheels. Jim works at developing flash games and as you can see from happy wheels, he’s clearly very talented at it. The company behind the game is called Total Jerkface.

Will there be new levels added to happy wheels?

Yes, the developers of the game are constantly making new levels to keep all the people who play happy wheels, well, happy! Not only this, but anyone can make levels by using the level editor and submit them so that people all around the world can play them. This basically means that there will always be new additions to the game, so you’ll never get bored of it.

Will there be new characters added to happy wheels?

Just like above, the developers are always trying to come up with funny, yet unique characters to add to the game. The only problem with characters is that it takes a seriously long amount of time before they can be added to the game, since a lot of work goes into making them from Total Jerkface. If you want to have more choices in relation to the characters that you play as, then you should probably try the full game of happy wheels. We’ve put together a list of most of the characters of happy wheels too if you’re interest in finding out what characters you’re able to play as in the game.

What are the hacked versions of happy wheels?

The hacked versions of the game as basically modified versions of happy wheels. For example, some hacked versions have God mode which basically means that it’s impossible for you to die. This might seem a bit pointless, but it’s just a bit of fun really. There are also some other hacks that allow you to have more health, have all the levels unlocked etc. You should only play these versions if you’re bored of the demo or the full game, but it’s quite hard to get bored of such a great game!

Is there a happy wheels 2 or even 3?

If you’ve heard about a newer version of happy wheels, unfortunately you heard wrong. There has been a lot of rumours about when a new game is going to come out, but at the moment we’ll just have to stick with the original version of the game – which is still as great as it was when it first got released! It’s hard to see Total Jerkface bringing out a new game though, since they usually just bring out some updates for the original game which improves it (such as fixing glitches) or even adding new levels and characters. Who knows though, there might be a happy wheels 2 some time in the future.


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