Happy Wheels Characters

If you’ve played the happy wheels demo and you’re interested in finding out what characters you can expect to see in the full version of happy wheels then continue on reading. In the demo of the game, you’ll only be able to choose between 3 different characters, but if you play the full version you’ll have many more to choose from including the following:

  • Crazy Dad
  • It mightn’t be nice to call a dad crazy, but what we think he is crazy considering the fact that he’s cycling through massive obstacle courses with his young son on the back of the bike with him! Although the dad has bought himself plenty of safety equipment, he hasn’t thought about doing the same for his son so don’t be too shocked if you end up hurting the child when you’re playing happy wheels.

  • Segway Man
  • The segway man has some advantages over the other characters in happy wheels, but his main problem is balance (and who can blame him, have you ever tried to use a segway?).

  • Explorer Guy
  • For some reason, the explorer guy that’s in happy wheels reminds us of Indiana Jones but maybe that’s just us? The explorer guy uses a mine cart to get from place to place, and he can also go on rail lines if there’s one in the level that you’re playing.

  • Santa
  • Santa is officially the biggest character in the game at the moment, so don’t expect him to be one of the fastest characters in the game! Santa’s elves help him move although the elves can easily die unfortunately.

  • Lawnmower Man
  • Lawnmower man is one of those types of characters that really doesn’t care what he destroys as long as he gets to where he wants to get to. He can even make his lawnmower jump to make sure that he can get past an obstacle.

  • Moped Couple
  • The moped couple might look good together, but can you make both of them survive through the obstacle course? If you want to try to get past the level as quickly as possible you can also use the speed boost but don’t use it too much because you won’t last for very long.

  • Wheelchair Man
  • You’ve got to feel sorry for the wheelchair man. He has clearly been through enough trouble in his life, but now he’s going to try get to the next level of happy wheels too! The wheels from his wheelchair can fall off which makes it a lot more difficult to travel, so try to keep the wheels attached to his wheelchair if possible.

  • Akira Bike
  • You might recognise the man that’s riding in the akira bike, since it’s the “crazy dad” as we previously called him. This character is still in beta almost, since it has proven to be a little bit hard to get the physics aspect of the bike to be correct.

  • Pogostick Man
  • Pogostick man is a guy who bounces around on his pogostick. He also wears a helmet and some knee pads and so on for some extra protection but we’re not too sure whether that’ll help him too much in a game like this!

  • Effective Shopper
  • The effective shopper is a middle-aged woman that goes around on her mobility scooter that’s full of fizzy drinks, sausages etc. Once upon a time she was the fattest person in the game, but as we mentioned above Santa Clause has that title at the moment.

They are all of the characters that feature in happy wheels right now, but we’ll make sure to keep this list updated as more characters are released. Don’t forget that these characters can’t actually be unlocked as many people think, but you can get more characters by playing the happy wheels full game and by using the level editor that’s in the game. The happy wheels demo only has three playable characters which can get a bit boring so it’s well worth the money.


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