Happy Wheels Review

Don’t judge us on this, but we don’t think there’s any game that sounds as good as a game that allows you to go around loads of different obstacle courses (which are dangerous by the way!) trying to survive without losing your legs and so on. If this sounds like fun to you, then you’ve got to check out the online game called happy wheels. Happy wheels is basically a physics game, and it actually requires a lot more thinking than most other online games so be prepared to spend some time thinking about how you’re going to manage to get to the next level.

So, what is happy wheels all about? Well, it’s quite simply really. The main objective of the game is to make it out alive (although you might be missing some body parts by the end of it, ouch!) which can be difficult at times. It might sound a bit disgusting, but watching bits of your characters body fly across the screen every now and again is actually pretty cool. However, don’t think that this game is all about the blood and the guts because it’s not. What makes happy wheels stand out from all of the other online games is that the injuries are done in a cartoony way so that you won’t feel too sick after playing the game. Happy wheels is surprisingly realistic though, since the damage that’s done to your character eventually gets worse and worse. You have to be careful though, because the more injured that you get means that you’ll be making it even harder for you to get through the level.

All of the characters that are in happy wheels are also great, since it ranges from an old man in a wheelchair (who can speed up thanks t some sort of engine attached to it), a young man on a segway (who can jump in the air), a father cycling his child on a bike (who can brake, that’s it!) and finally a fat woman (no, it’s not a man) on a mobility scooter. You can play as most of these characters in the happy wheels demo, but you won’t be able to be the obese man sadly, you’ll have to upgrade to the full game to be able to play as him and the characters that will be released in the future.

As we all know, for an online game to be addictive it needs to have relatively simple controls and that’s certainly the case with happy wheels. To go forward you press the up key, to go backwards press the down key, left/right are used for your balance and then you can press the space bar to use the special things that each person can do (for example: speed up if you’re the man in the wheelchair), z to eject etc.

Overall, we think that this is one of the best games that is on the internet right now, so why not have a go at the happy wheels demo which you can find on the homepage of our site? If you like the game you can then have a look at the happy wheels full version, but try the demo first to make sure that you like it, even though we’re sure that you will!


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