Happy Wheels Tips

Happy wheels is a great game, there’s no doubt about that. However, it’s not uncommon to feel like giving up on it when you get stuck on a level. Some of the levels are really challenging, so we’ve decided to give you a couple of tips that should make your life easier while playing happy wheels. Here they are:

  • Use Special Abilities
  • This should go without saying, but we can’t tell you how important it is to use your characters special abilities every now and again. Each character has their own special ability that can really come in handy for certain parts of a level.

  • YouTube
  • There are several videos on YouTube that should help you out a lot if you’re stuck on a particular level in happy wheels. Some people might think this is cheating in a way, but we don’t think it is unless you’re using it to get past every level in the game! It’s perfectly fine to use it every couple of levels if you’re finding the game difficult.

  • Slow and Steady
  • Sometimes it’s tempting to try finish the level really quickly in happy wheels, especially when you’ve picked up a jet or something that speeds you up a lot. Although it can be fun to do this, we’d recommend that you take your time when you’re trying to finish the obstacle courses if you’re playing happy wheels. Don’t think that just because it’s an online game that there’s no thinking involved in it, because you might be in for a surprise!

  • Right Character for the Level
  • Although you don’t get a choice of what character you’ve got to use sometimes in happy wheels, there are plenty of levels that give you a choice of characters. It’s not a bad idea to play a level for a while to get an idea of what character would work this best in that particular level. For example, if you find a level that has loads of rails in it you should probably use the explorer guy since he’ll be able to attach his cart to it.

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