Special Items

One way that you can get better at happy wheels is by understanding what some (or all) of the special items do in the game. You can find all of these special items in the level editor, but you’ll also come across some of them in the game too. Each and every one of the special items are unique and can do completely different things, so it’s good to know how one item is different from another item. Here are just some of the special items that you might come across in happy wheels:

  • Rail
  • The rail can be added to a level in level editor mode, but don’t forget that the only character that can actually travel well on the rail is the explorer guy. He can use his cart to travel on it which makes you go faster.

  • Fan
  • As you can probably guess, the fan blows your character around the level. The direction of the fan will obviously affect where it blows you to. Believe it or not, the fan can even cause a lot of harm to your character so watch out!

  • Boosts
  • Boosts are used a lot in happy wheels in the real game, and they’re also used a lot by people who make their own levels.  It’s quite simple how they work; they basically boost your character in the direction of the arrow that’s there. Some of the boost pads can have more force than others, as well as being at a different size than others.

  • I-beam and Log
  • There aren’t a lot of differences between the i-beam and the logs, so we’ll talk about them both together. The i-beam is basically a heavy bit of metal so it doesn’t move around too much and you can travel on it. The log is also quite heavy (although it’s a bit lighter) but this time you’ve got to remember that the log can break into many pieces!

  • Jet
  • The jet (which is pretty similar to the jet that’s on the Wheelchair guys wheelchair) is one of the coolest special items that you can pick up in a level. A jet will allow you to get to your destination a lot quicker than normal, but you’ve got to make sure that you don’t crash into anything while you’re using it.

Hopefully you’ve learned one or two things from this short piece, now go play happy wheels and show them who’s boss!


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